Bethel Baptist Association
Monday, September 16, 2019
Loving God and Neighbor by Sharing

What Can The Association Do For Me And My Church?

The Association's Program is designed to serve the 35 member churches in the following ways:

   *Provides a local training for the church leadership, including both staff and layleaders.

   *Provides a program of local mission projects.

   *Provides information about the Southern Baptist Convention and State Convention Resources.

   *Coordinates ares-wide evangelistic efforts.

   *Furnishes pulpit supply/revival preaching.

   *Helps in programs such as:  Sunday School, Discipleship Training, WMU, Men's Ministry, Age-      group programs. Music, Library, public relation and advertising.

   *Provides training and resource for church committees seeking new staff members.

   *Offers continuing fellowship with Baptist across the area.

   *Offers training for: Teachers, Committees, and Deacons.

   *Provides assistance to the churches in need.

   *Offers assistance in the time of Disaster with our Disaster Relief Team.

   *Partners with Alabama Baptist Children's Home and Family Ministry in providing counseling Mon-Wed-Fri.